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About Us



We are creators, designers and engineers. We are born on small wheels! Our team came from several country around the world, focused at this unique aim : Your pleasure of riding!

We are living in several places, we are living in big city, or in mountains or close to the beach sharing the same need: transportation and fun!


We are the fun factory making Skateboards, Surfboards, Rollers, Hoverboards, Electric skateboard and electric scooters! We  love the universal feeling of riding! Without borders! The universal flow!  And we have the experience for that!


We are EFLOW!





We have worked on this project for 3 years, from the first designs to the final product.

Our boards were tested by professional riders, and has higher technology software.

Our skateboard can go anywhere you go, in the city suburbs,  small town,  campus, even on skate parks . You can ride anywhere, anytime, our boards will always follow you!


Our design is from France. Proudly made in Shenzhen, and the software came from a German head. We are global team. We are professionals dedicated to your pleasure!





The battery and ESC are in the deck. Hub motor is detachable. The board is waterproof (IP65).

The battery is less than 100W.

When the battery is empty, you can also push it! (No pulley drive belt!)

Nothing will stop you!




We have worked for years on the project, and now we want to share it with you, sharing the flow, sharing the fun, its your turn to enjoy our new electric skateboards!