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EFLOW team how to make first popular electric skateboard ?

Our electric skateboard came out in 2017. After more than 3 years improvement, we can finally share it with more skaters. And I am so  proud of our team.

Jessica, is in charge of the market. Before founding the Eflow brand, worked as a marketing manager for the ewheelin electric skateboard team. She has involved in the development, production and sales of all products . In the past two years, she encountered many technical problems, including batteries, motors, and ESCs. Later, the ewheelin team broke up. However, she always had a dream “Let more people enjoy the fun and convenience of electric skateboards”. Under the introduction of  the manage of wheel manufacturer, Jessica met Jack. He owns a skateboard factory. And has been engaged in skateboard for 15 years. OEM for many European and American famous brand. Eventually, they created the EFLOW electric skateboard brand. They formed a professional team with production and R & D.

EFLOW owns the first patented skateboard. S, X and X2. This electric fish board has the competitive performance of traditional skateboarding and the portable performance of electric skateboarding. Some skaters can use him to complete the Flip action, and some skaters use him as a mobility tool to solve the last mile. Anyway, this electric skateboard is stylish. Because, the buyers are handsome men and beautiful. On the streets, campuses, shopping malls, parks, and even U-shaped pools, you can see skaters  riding our boards . This is our most proud thing.

After 3 years of market testing, our skateboard performance is stable, and the classic shape is still loved by skaters. With more than 3 years of feedback on market issues, we have paid more attention to quality. Incoming materials, assembly and delivery are tested by a series of professional equipment. Every board the rider field test before ship out. In the following, we will explain each key component, including battery, motor, ESC and board. Problems encountered and how to resolve them.And the board also have safe certification . Battery has UN 38.3, MSDS and WCRC. The whole board has CE,FCC and RoHS certification .Even has got so many certification , but also suggest wear helment . Because we hope each riding you are happy !

Now we have 3000+ happy rider use our boards . Some owner also have other board , such as swagskate boosted electric skateboard, meepoboard,wowgoboard , backfire electric skateboard and so on .Because our board is lightest , fastest and most maneuverable with a hidden battery in the deck . So it looks more similar with traditional skateboard .  And Even some skaters can take it on plane .They think it is nice gift.Compare with LOUBOARD ,our board is with a better price.

Of course, the completion of the first patent board is just the beginning. Our team has spent more than a year researching the second patent board. Hope to be available soon. Here, I would like to thank the EFLOW skaters for their support. Your recognition is our motivation to move forward.